Workplace Flexibility 2010 is a campaign to support the development of a comprehensive national policy on workplace flexibility. Through our work, we have helped set the stage for a robust national debate on how to restructure the workplace to meet the needs of today's workforce.


Flexible Workplace Solutions for Low-Wage Hourly Workers


Workplace Flexibility 2010 and the Institute for Workplace Innovation (iwin) are delighted to announce the release of “Flexible Workplace Solutions for Low-Wage Hourly Workers: A Framework for a National Conversation,” an innovative report with new key findings on the scheduling challenges facing low-wage hourly workers.

This report provides a fresh perspective on this issue by examining the similarities and differences between scheduling challenges for low-wage hourly workers on standard 9 to 5 schedules and those workers on nonstandard schedules (including nights, weekends, rotating, and variable schedules), and the implications for employer practice and public policy. It answers questions about the types of scheduling challenges that low-wage hourly workers face, provides a framework for thinking through next steps, and links the issue to the broader national dialogue on workplace flexibility.

This report provides a useful framework to employers, employees, and unions who are thinking about how to provide greater flexibility to low-wage hourly workers, and advocates and policymakers who want to better understand the contours of this issue and policy solutions, and for all who are working to make flexibility a regular feature of low-wage hourly jobs.

Click here for the full report, here for the executive summary, and here for the press release.