Our Work

Since 2003, Workplace Flexibility has engaged in research, outreach and consensus-building activities toward making workplace flexibility the "new normal" in the American workplace. We have:

  • Objectively analyzed how current law and practices either support or hinder workplace flexibility. Areas of study include labor, employment, anti-discrimination, tax, health and benefits.
  • Spurred meaningful, bipartisan dialogue with a politically diverse range of stakeholders – including employer and employee advocates, small business and large, aging, family and faith-based organizations, labor unions, and Democratic and Republican policymakers in Washington and beyond.

These conversations were convened through Workplace Flexibility 2010's:

  • Developed the first comprehensive set of national public policy recommendations to advance workplace flexibility – including Flexible Work Arrangements, Time Off, and Career Flexibility – that can meet the needs of both employers and employees.

Policy recommendations on Flexible Work Arrangements are outlined in Workplace Flexibility 2010's:

Public Policy Platform on Flexible Work Arrangements

Documents outlining Workplace Flexibility 2010's policy recommendations on Time Off and Career Flexibility will be released in late 2010.