December 18, 2008

Military Families and Workplace Flexibility


On December 18, 2008, Workplace Flexibility 2010 brought together a panel of experts on the data, law, and practical experiences of military families.  Speakers identified the needs of military families, the relevant research, and the continuum of work-life challenges these families face during and after military service.  The briefing also highlighted how workplace flexibility is a necessary part of the response to these issues.

Workplace Flexibility 2010 Co-Director and Georgetown Law Professor Chai Feldblum moderated the panel:

  • Shelley MacDermid, Ph.D., Director, Military Family Research Institute and the Center for Families, Professor, Purdue University
  • Patricia Kempthorne, Founder and Executive Director of the Twiga Foundation
  • Sheila Casey, Chief Operating Officer, The Hill
  • Kelly B. Hruska, Deputy Director, Government Relations, National Military Family Association
  • Barbara Thompson, Director, Office of Family Policy/Children and Youth, Military Community and Family Policy, Office of Secretary of Defense, U.S. Department of Defense
  • Marcy Karin, Legislative Counsel, Workplace Flexibility 2010, Adjunct Professor, Georgetown Law