July 18, 2005

What an Aging Workforce Can Teach Us About Workplace Flexibility

Congressional Briefing

U.S. Capitol

A panel of experts highlight the role that flexible workplaces can play in responding to the challenges of an aging workforce. Academic researchers explain the economic, demographic and social trends that can and should affect the development of policy in this arena.


Letter to Members of Congress


Panelists Bios

Chai R. Feldblum, J.D

Kathleen Christensen, PhD

Robert Hutchens, PhD, School of Industrial and Labor Relations, Cornell University

Michael A. Smyer, PhD & Marcie Pitt-Catsouphes, PhD, Sloan Center for Flexible Work Options and Older Workers, Boston College

Robert B. Hudson, PhD, Graduate School of Social Work, Boston University

Phyllis Moen, PhD, Department of Sociology, University of Minnesota