July 8, 2009

Flexible Work Arrangements and Low-Wage Work


On Wednesday, July 8, 2009, Workplace Flexibility 2010 and the New America Foundation presented a briefing titled "Flexible Work Arrangements and Low-Wage Work." Panelists presented "the latest research on scheduling challenges faced by low-wage workers, [. . .] common sense solutions that have been implemented by businesses and [. . .] how public policy can enhance access to FWAs for low-wage workers." David Gray - Director of the Workforce and Family Program at the New America Foundation - moderated the panel:

  • Susan J. Lambert (To review Professor Lambert's PowerPoint presentation slides, click here).
    Associate Professor, University of Chicago
  • Jennifer E. Swanberg
    Executive Director, Institute for Workplace Innovation
    Associate Professor, University of Kentucky
  • Elizabeth Lower-Basch
    Senior Policy Analyst, Center for Law and Social Policy
  • Liz Watson (To review Liz Watson's presentation slides, click here).
    Legislative Counsel, Workplace Flexibility 2010
  • John Wilcox
    VP of Operations, Corporate Voices for Working Families