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Today's News Roundup includes an article on encore careers for older workers who want to postpone full retirement, a report on the relationship between flexible working and environmentalism, as well as a piece on the benefits of extended time off.

Today's News Roundup includes several reports on the decision to postpone retirement and continue working, an article on the difficulty of fulfilling both family and work responsibilities, and two opinion pieces on the paid sick leave referendum in Wisconsin.

Today's News Roundup includes a report on Michelle Obama's effort to promote a balance of work and life for military families, a study that suggests technology is beneficial to families, and an article that examines the gender disparity in assets.

Today's News Roundup includes Lisa Belkin's final Life's Work column, a report by Sue Shellenbarger on how the economic crisis is affecting family time, and a blog post on the soaring currency of work and family issues in the presidential race.

Today's News Roundup includes a report on a jailhouse in Georgia that implemented 12-hour shifts, an article on how Barack and Michelle Obama manage to juggle family and the campaign, and insight into generational differences in attitudes towards work.

Today's News Roundup includes an article on the debate over a referendum on paid sick leave in Wisconsin, alarming news on the impact of the financial crisis on retirement, and more on McCain and Obama's disparte approaches to work and family issues.

Today's News Roundup includes numerous articles on the impact of the financial crisis on retirement, an interview with a centenarian employee in Nebraska, and a feature on voters in Ohio that touches on the financial difficulty of working families - low wages necissitate long hours and even multiple jobs, leaving little time to attend to anything else.

Today's News Roundup includes an article on the hidden significance in our discourse on Sarah Palin, a report by the Sloan Work and Family Research Network on military families , and a look at the outcomes of an EU commision on maternity leave.