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Today's News Roundup includes several reports on the trend of working past traditional retirement age, an exploration of intergeneration differences in the workforce, a piece on the growing number of FMLA claims filed by men, and a look at the sundry costs of working long hours.

Today's News Roundup includes a report on the results of a recent survey of Australians' attitudes towards work, a blog post by Judith Warner in reaction to the discussion on female unemployment, and an article published by the Center for American Progress in support of telecommuting.

Today's News Roundup includes a piece from the New York Times on the declining participation of women in the workforce, a couple articles that underscore the power of  political organizing, insight into Senator McCain's position on work and family, and an intervew of Michelle Obama.

In today's News Roundup, you will find a press release on a new flexible working plan devised by Hilton Hotels for customer service employees, articles on proposed flexible work arrangements in states across America, and an essay on the inequality of parental leave in the United Kingdom.

Today's NewsRoundup includes a magazine article on the grassroots group MomsRising, a piece from the UK on the effects of year-long maternity leave on womens' careers, as well as more reports on the movement towards compressed work weeks to mitigate soaring transportation costs.

Today's News Roundup includes a piece on the value of the family dinner, reports on the growing demand for four-day workweeks, and insight from across the pond into the Generation Y perspective on work-life balance.

Today's News Roundup includes a spirited review of recent books by Neil Gilbert and Linda Hirshman, several pieces on the aging workforce, and an essay on the changing culture of academia.

Today's News Roundup includes a report on Utah's decision to institute a four-day work week, a close look at the declining birth-rate in Europe, as well as a number of articles on the increasing appeal of telecommuting. In international news, New Zealand has passed a right-to-request law similar to Britain's.