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Today's News Roundup includes an analysis of Michelle Obama's perspective on work and family, along with other news from the 2008 Democrativc Convention, a report on the political punch of workplace flexibility, and a look at a new law in Australia to encourage dialogue between employers and employees on flexible work arrangements.

Today's News Roundup includes an analysis of the popularity and politicial momentum of workplace flexibility, a report on what some law firms are doing to ease the balancing act of working parents, and several articles on employment benefits.

Today's News Roundup includes an article on House Majority Leader Steny Hoyer's call for a four-day workweek, a report on "MBA Moms," and the surprising results of a Gallup Poll on workers' attitudes towards flexibility.

Today's News Roundup includes several articles on the benefits of a compressed work week, a collection of personal essays on balancing work and life, and a look at how and why some businesses in St. Paul, MN, will be turning to flexibile work arrangements during the week of the Republican National Convention.

Today's News Roundup includes a press release from John McCain that elaborates his position on the issue of work and family and calls for a 'National Commission on Workplace Flexibility and Choice.' Also, the recipients of the 'Best of Congress' award, which recognizes members of Congress that have responded to their staffers' needs for workplace flexibility, have been announced.

Today's News Roundup includes the first two articles of the "Hardest Hit" series in the Washington Post, a piece on the forces keeping older employees in the workforce, as well as a defense of telecommuting.

Today's News Roundup includes several articles that touch on the relationship between work and health, more news on the phenomenon of the four-day work week, and a cross-cultural examination of workplace attitudes.

Today's News Roundup includes a troubling report on the impact of the sluggish economy on available work hours, the latest on the sick-leave debate in Ohio, and a new survey released by Hewitt Associates on employer attitudes towards phased retirement.