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Today’s News Roundup includes several articles that explore the advantages of telework, a recap of a work-family focused event at the Center for American Progress, and a science blogger’s response to the UCLA study on working families.

Today’s News Roundup includes several articles on older workers, new statistics on the aging of the U.S. population, and a report on the Queen’s speech to Parliament in which she called for greater workplace flexibility. 

Today’s News Roundup includes notice of a new book by researcher Jody Heymann that contends that investing in lower-wage workers is a smart business strategy and several articles on career flexibility. 

Today’s News Roundup includes an article about former National Advisory Committee on Workplace Flexibility member Anne Weisberg and several perspectives on work related stress.

Today’s News Roundup includes a look at work hours in OECD countries and an article on paid sick leave legislation in New York City.

Today’s News Roundup includes polling data on the time crunch of working mothers, an NPR report the Obama administration’s support for paid leave, and a report from Brookings that reveals key demographic trends over the past 10 years.

Today’s News Roundup includes an article on the failure of legislation that would have expanded telework for federal employees and perspectives on the April unemployment report.

Today’s News Roundup includes an interview with OMB director Peter Orszag about the federal workforce and a report on the work-life priorities of Millennials.