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Today’s News Roundup includes data on the demographics of family and the educational attainment of the workforce, a report on older workers, and Yale Law Women’s list of the ten most family-friendly law firms.  



Today’s News Roundup includes a report examining the effect of the recession on gender equality around the globe, an essay on the concept of a “good job,” and a profile of working mother and Florida Congresswoman Debbie Wasserman Shultz.


Today’s News Roundup includes a story about a Virginia mayor’s effort to promote carbon-cutting flexible work arrangements, an article about the relationship between employee satisfaction and access to flexibility, and a blog post about the gender wage gap.  


Today’s News Roundup includes an essay examining shifts in the economic roles of men, a story about how budget cuts may spur public workers to retire, and an article in support of the four-day workweek.


Today’s News Roundup includes several stories on employment trends in the U.S. and a report about a certificate recently established by Quebec to highlight businesses helping employees balance work and family commitments. 


Today’s News Roundup includes essays on the significance of Equal Pay Day, a report on the formation of a new program for military families, a report on scheduling issues at an IKEA factory in Virginia, and the results of an international time-use survey.  


Today’s News Roundup includes several reports on how a government shutdown would affect federal employees, a report from University of Minnesota examining Best Buy’s ROWE, and an article about the flexibility offered by some companies to accommodate the needs of older workers.


Today’s News Roundup includes the results of a poll concerning the attitudes of baby boomers towards retirement and a report on a study that examined the relationship between heart health and hours worked.


Today’s News Roundup includes a report on economic security, promising employment statistics from March, and video of a discussion about work-life balance recently held at the White House.