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Today’s News Roundup includes a story on workplace attitudes common among members of the Millennial generation and a story on a recent report indicating that the sedentary nature of work is partly to blame for the rise in the obesity rate.

Today’s News Roundup includes a story about the work-family balance of Foreign Service officers, an article on a legislative victory for advocates of paid sick days in Connecticut, and an essay examining the relationship between workplace flexibility and pay parity in France.


Today’s News Roundup includes a story that sheds light on how Target employees are affected by unpredictable work schedules, a look at employer attitudes toward workplace flexibility, and a report about a cost-cutting non-partner track for new lawyers that has been characterized as more conducive to work-family balance.     


Today’s News Roundup includes a report by WF2010 and iwin on workplace flexibility and low-wage hourly workers, several articles on paid sick days and a Pew poll showing that a majority of Americans believe the government should play a larger role in promoting economic mobility.

Today’s News Roundup includes a report on alternative compensation schemes, several articles on workplace strategies to promote greater productivity, and a story from the UK about parental leave sharing. 

Today’s News Roundup includes congressional testimony from a Center for American Progress researcher calling for greater workplace flexibility, a press release from the office of Rep. Rosa DeLauro (D-CT) announcing the reintroduction of the Healthy Families Act, and a graph from the Bureau of Labor Statistics showing trends in employment among mothers between 1994 and 2010.

Today’s News Roundup includes a story about mothers returning to the workforce and the workplace flexibility available to them and a proclamation from President Obama expressing support for workplace flexibility in honor of Mother’s Day.

Today's News Roundup includes analysis of the Burea of Labor Statistics' latest report on unemployment, a story about the evolution of the U.S. workforce, and a report on Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker's approval of a law that prevents localities from mandating that businesses provide paid sick days.

Today's News Roundup includesan examination of the business case for workplace flexibiltiy and a story about a rally for paid sick days in Connecticut.