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Today's News Roundup includes an article examining the declinine fortunes of working men in America, a look at the challenges faced by working women in India, and a piece on how research of San Franscisco's paid sick leave ordinance is being used to inform the debate in Denver.

Today's News Roundup includes further reaction to a New York judge's rejection of a lawsuit against Bloomberg in which the plaintiffs had alleged the company had discriminated against working mothers, a report indicating that joblessness among young people is at a historic high, and, in the spirit of summer, a number of articles examining vacation.    

Today's News Roundup includes analysis of the implications of the recent Bloomberg decision for working parents and a report examining the financial threat under which demographic change and economic recession has placed Social Security's disability program.

Today's News Roundup includes stories examining poverty among children, unemployment among veterans, and the need for workplace flexibiltiy among women in the legal profession.  

Today's News Roundup includes a story about single mothers in the military, several articles examining older workers' delayed retirement plans, and a report on the economic difficulties threatening America's middle class.

Today's News Roundup includes a story examining opposition to paid sick days among Seattle businesses, a comparison of parental leave systems around the world, and a look at the work-family dilemma facing academics.  


Today’s News Roundup includes analysis of the July 2011 BLS report on unemployment, a story about the increasing emphasis on work-life balance among doctors, and a guide for those preparing to embark on a career.  

Today's News Roundup includes a statistical report on employee compensation that examines access to paid leave and further reflection on the division of labor among spouses by the author of Time's recent cover story, "Chore Wars."  

Today's News Roundup includes an article on a legal ruling in Wisconsin nulifying the voter approved paid sick days law in Milwaukee and more polling data from Gallup on work-family balance.